Tram Cars of the Type E of Vienna

At the end of the fifties of last century Vienna urban transport authority ordered 70 pcs of two-segmented tram cars on the three bogies - the type E. These tram cars were manufactured in works Lohner Werke (40 ones) and SGP (30 ones) according to the licence of Düsseldorfer Waggonfabrik DÜWAG. The first two prototypes were delivered in 1959. After getting of experiences with the prototypes the serial manufacturing was started.
The production of the type was ended in 1966, but in next years similar tram cars were manufactured: types E1 (in years 1966 - 1976) and E2 (1978 - 1990). Now the popular tram cars type E are gradually withdrawn, because in streets of Vienna more and more low-floor tram cars ULF are operated. But the first manufactured tram cars of the type E from Lohner Werke - No. 4401 - will be saved as a museal vehicle.